Why having an imperfect family is perfect

Now that christmas is coming up, we are spending a lot of time
with our families. And so I realised something…

For some time now I have been waiting.

for what?

For my family to become perfect.
There, I said it!
For my sister to become a bit more supportive.
For my mother to finally start setting her boundaries.
For my grandmother to stop complaining so much… etc.

You know what I realised?
Just as I expect myself to be perfect,
I also expect it from my family.
Shocker, I know!

As if I and them are not allowed to make mistakes…
Of course we aren we’re human!
Let us all make as many mistakes as we can, as fast as we can, so we can learn and grow.
Without mistakes there can be no growth or progress (I’de write that down if I were you!)

Soon the hollidays are coming up and I already know everyone will be
their beautiful imperfect selves.
Well guess what…

All I want for christmas is to able to give my family the space they need
to be their imperfect selves and to honour their journey and their process.
(without judging them or trying to change them!)

We’re only human (after all).

Let us always remember that.
And especially with christmas coming up.

That being said…
What is your christmas gift to your family?

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