Zoe Joy in joya outfit

About us

You don’t like to play by the rules? Good! Because to us being imperfect is perfect.


In this modern day and age there are expectations, a lot of expectations. If you live up to what others want and try to please, you can never be happy.

How can you become happy? By buying our t-shirts! (just kidding).
But you can become happy by living up to the quotes that we designed for you.
If you live by those and make that your truth, your life will become a lot easier.

Did you know that everytime you say yes to someone else you say no to yourself?
Think about that the next time someone asks you do to something that doesn’t feel right.

May these clothes inspire you to live a better, more fulfilling and authentic life.
That is our wish to you!

About me

Who is the person behind this whole ‘lets not be perfect’ scheme?
It is I, Zoë Joy!
I am an artist (actress, painter,…) and a writer.
I noticed artists and creative people around me struggle and that is one of the reasons I wanted to create Yogangsta. Life doesn’t have to be hard, you always have a choice.

I hope that these clothes can be signposts on your journey to greatness, that is our mission.

Let’s all be imperfect together,