Healthy food is (not) the holy grail

I have to confess something…

I’ve been feeling guilty.
Really guilty.

Why? What’s happened?
Did you do something illegal?

No, no worries I didn’t. The only thing I am guilty of, is always ‘forcing’ myself to eat healthy.
Now before you start thinking about that, hear me out…

We are brainwashed to eat healthy food, superfoods, avoid gluten and dairy,… etc.
Usually I eat healthy. But everytime I do eat something so called ‘unhealthy’, I feel guilty as hell.
I don’t think this is normal. Yesterday as I was enjoying a steam bath realised something.

Healthy food is not the holy grail of a healthy body.

I know.

As I sat there becoming all relaxed I had an (as Oprah likes to call it) aha-moment.
Health is about a lot more than what you put inside your body.
True health and maintaining it, also has a lot to do with the thoughts you think.
Unloving thoughts can make you ill. Diseases are sometimes caused by
negative thought patterns (check out Louise Hay – you can heal your life – if you haven’t already)

Health is a lot more than healthy food…
Health is sleeping well and being able to rest on time.
Health is going to the wellness center and relaxing in a steam bath or a sauna.
Health is being around nature.
Health is taking responsibilty for your own happines.
For me personally, health is being around water.

When it comes to food this is the rule I follow at the moment:
70 % healthy, nutricious food
30% ‘unhealthy’, whatever I want – food

And on top of that, I take responsibilty for my own happiness (most of the time, I’m only human after all 😉 ).
I do yoga and I take the time to think about what I’m grateful for.

Having said that…
I have a suggestion…
How about we stop beating ourselves up or forcing ourselves
to always having to eat healthy food.
And instead we also take responsibilty for our own happiness.
What do you need to become happy and healthy?
Your body knows and at this moment it might not be healthy food, it might be something else…
You have all the answers, just listen…

Homework for today: eat something that you love that is ‘unhealthy’ and enjoy every bite of it,
without feeling guilty during or after.

You’re welcome.

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